Construct 3

       When we talk about creating 2D games, Construct is probably one of the first engines we think to use. Its interface is simple and easy to tinker, and its logical block system is great for those who are starting out with their first games.

          Currently being released this new version, Construct 3, which in general does not have as many changes in the engine, only some new features for the projects. It comes as a Google Chrome extension / site and will be subscription-based, unlike the previous one you bought the program only once.

       I believe that by being associated with Chrome it loses some of its potential because it will depend on a browser and will stop running as a separate program. Your subscription system will also be a bad thing for the users, having to pay every year for the service that was once bought only once is very unpleasant even more for not having so much change from the last version to this one.

          Surely it will not cease to be one of the best engines in the area behind only those working with 3D development, but we can expect large projects made in it.

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